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Safety Road Vest for General Consumers

Protecting you from unexpected accidents and malfunctions on the expressway This road vest uses high performance reflective material to protect you when you need to step out of your vehicle on the expressway due to a vehicle accident or malfunction.
Road vest with special design

In collaboration with the Kanazawa College of Art we have released a new road vest with a design reminiscent of chainmail.

  • Refined design that goes well with ordinary clothes
  • Inviting for wear by members of the general public
  • Can also be worn for walking or jogging
Important cautions regarding emergency vehicle stopping on expressways
  • Pull the vehicle over to the shoulder as quickly as possible.
  • Turn on hazard lamps.
  • Place a expressway safety triangle.
  • After implementing danger countermeasures, have all vehicle occupants evacuate to a safe location, such as outside the road guard rail.
  • Call the road emergency number (#9910), use an emergency phone, or call the emergency services number (#110) to report the issue.
  • Emergency phones are placed at intervals of 1 kilometer (200 meter intervals in tunnels). The use of mobile phones while driving is prohibited.