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Doko Demo Power

Emergency power for mobile phones and computers This unit provides power outlets for regular use, and acts as an emergency power source when power outages occur. And it’s convenient, no less.
It is perfect as a portable emergency power source for transmitting video in the event of a disaster.
  • Can be used for charging when needed
  • Compact size makes it conveniently portable
  • Includes inverter function
  • Two way power supply makes charging possible
    • * Household electrical power - AC100V
    • * Cigar lighter - DC12V
  • Can be used to power a web camera continuously for four hours
■Main specifications
  • * Three AC100V outlets (AC: Up to a total of 100W)
  • * Two USB 5V output ports (USB: Up to a total of 15W)
  • * Charge time: Fully charged in approximately 180 minutes
  • * Battery specifications: Uses lithium titanate batteries
  • * Unit dimensions: Approx. 400mm wide x 125mm deep x 329mm high
  • * Unit weight: Approx. 6.3kg