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Lightweight Duct

Light and easy to work with! Recycled, ecologically-conscious product This environmentally friendly duct hand hole is made with recycled plastic containers.
  • Environmentally friendly duct hand hole made
    with recycled plastic containers
  • Cheaper and more lightweight than conventional
    hand hole products
  • Easy to carry by hand and easy to work with
  • Duct holes can be easily made on-site
  • Excellent strength and durability,
    natural fire extinguishing
  • Uses the qualities of recycled plastic containers
    to achieve superb rust and corrosion resistance
  • Reduces construction costs involved
    in temporary installation
    and hindrance migration
  • Can also be linked together and used as cable ducts
■What are recycled plastic container products?

They are products made with recycled material from household plastic containers and packaging. They promote sufficient usage of recycling resources and effective utilization of reusable materials.

Item Capabilities
Strength Main body and lid withstands 4.9kN [500kg] of force without cracking, splitting, etc.
Fire retardance In JIS C 3005 fire-retardance testing flames subside and go out on their own within one minute of the burner being removed
Weather resistance JIS K 7350-4 and ISO4892-4 accelerated weathering testing found that after 5,000 hours bend strength and Izod impact strength decrease by less than 20%
Chemical resistance JIS K 7114-ISO175 testing shows a weight reduction of 0.3% or less after immersion in a 10% liquid calcium chloride solution
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