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Tunnel Emergency Phone Box

Emergency phone packed with superb features
Tunnel emergency phone box series
  • Low power-consumption, long-lasting LED lights for interior lighting
  • Separate base for rapid installation time
  • Auto-hinged doors for automatic closure
  • Nickel cadmium batteries allow ceiling lighting to be used for 30 minutes or longer in the event of a power outage
  • Mounting column can accommodate emergency telephone equipment or push-button emergency call device
  • IP43-rated dustproofing and rain-proofing
  • Reduces noise by 20dB or more (for 4KHz noise)
Specifications Specification / Standard, etc.
External dimensions (including base) 860mm(W)×860mm(D)×1910mm(H)
Weight (including base) Approx. 290kg
Materials Supports and doorframe (aluminum)
Roof and outside panels (stainless steel)
Mounting support and inside panels (steel)
Door windows (clear glass t8.0)
Panel interior (rock wool)
Opening / closing apparatus Automatically closes using auto-hinge
Lighting Light source (LED) with emergency power
Protection class IP43
Noise-blocking 20dB or more (4KHz)