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Road management and evaluation system (Road Tiger)

Perform road evaluation and measurement at 100km/h The Road Tiger is a high speed road surface state measuring vehicle developed in-house. It can measure rutting, cracking, and flatness (σ3m, IRI) at any speed up to 100Km/h, and uses GPS and gyro technologies to perform vertical and horizontal cross-section measurement. Its contactless measurement can provide smooth and safe measurements even while driving in regular traffic.
Support system for identifying critical improvement locations

The Road Tiger can be used to evaluate the integrity of road surfaces based on separate rutting, cracking, and flatness (σ3m and IRI) measurements, as well as combined evaluation MCI, and identify critical improvement locations.
It also evaluates the amount of height differential using road surface profiles for IRI calculation, and its cracking measurement system identifies damage and abnormalities in flat surfaces.

Support system for vertical and horizontal cross-section repair plans

Our high speed measurement vehicles are used in a wide range of studies, not limited to pavement road surface management.
Kinematic GPS measurement technology is used to accurately and speedily measure road surface horizontal and vertical cross-section shapes. This information can be used for accident countermeasures, driving comfort measures, roadside environmental measures, and disaster prediction.
The results provide support for road surface improvement design (vertical and horizontal cross-section repair design) and improvement workload calculation.

■Comprehensive evaluation

Our company-wide system can not only perform rutting, cracking, flatness, and road surface vertical and horizontal cross-section linear measurement, but also can provide measurements of drainage functions, noise, sound absorption rates, and more.