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System Joint Box

Reduces the workload involved in determining the cause of road lighting failures NEXCO Engineering Tokyo’s lighting technology products help save electricity by accurately and safely turning road lighting on and off, and making it possible to perform work safely, easily, and efficiently in the event of a failure.
Use System Joint Boxes in the event of road lighting equipment failures
  • System Joint Boxes are composed of a master joint box and slave joint boxes, making group searching possible and creating work routines which can dramatically shorten outage times
  • System Joint Boxes use levers for operation, unlike conventional joint boxes which use screwed-in terminals, improving their isolation functionality and greatly reducing the workload involved in handling outages
  • They provide advanced waterproofing and dustproofing capabilities, and maintain performance levels over long periods of use under the adverse conditions found in outdoors usage locations
  • They can accommodate optional dedicated SPDs (JIS Class II-conformant) for reliable lightning countermeasures(Ohmmeter testing can be performed with the SPD still attached)